What People Say About Mike Little

Mike Little’s playing is timeless. His mastery on the keys is undeniable, Mike plays with such emotion and passion and finds a way into the music and song like no one else can. Little oozes creativity and melody, and if you need a hook he is your man! It was such an honor working with him on my new album “Cry Baby”.

Joe Nolan

Mike Little is the X FACTOR in your project. His knowledge of contemporary music and tone is fresh and always welcome. He understands what is current and can often interpret things I am looking for better than I can articulate them and even take them to a higher level. He’s BAD ASS.

Mitch Merrett / Producer – Chad Brownlee, Hayley, Wyatt, Aaron Pritchett

I’ve been recording keyboardists in recording studios and live venues for 30+ years. The Audities Foundation electronic instrument collection is MOSTLY keyboards and we have a habit of attracting the curiosity of the best out there, but the day I first had Mike Little show up for a session is one that I will forever remember. He not only played with absolute and very quick authority on the new material we presented him, but he did it in a very conversational way. It was almost as though he were discussing things with an old friend, in his regard for the song. Empathy, respect and insight from a stranger.

Although Mike is known most for his Hammond B-3 playing (and is one of my all time top 5 players on that instrument) he also has an endless curiosity about the other instruments that we have here at Audities. That is about great musicianship from the heart, not just exercising ones ability on a given instrument.

David Kean- The Audities Studio

Never have I worked with a guy that falls deeper into a track more than Mike Little.

For every song, whether the artist is a star or up and comer, he pours his heart into every note.

Josh Rob Gwilliam / Pilot Audio Studios

“in studio, or on stage, it’s always a treat having Mike on the gig…he knows how to bring out the warm magic of the B3 in a way that very few can”

Jason McCoy

“Whenever I need the best B3 or piano track for the job there is no other call I make than to Mike Little.  His professionalism , speed and fluency in the studio is positively alarming!!!  No other options when we want the best sound for a project !!!”

George Canyon

Mike Little is my first call session player for all things keyboard – Hammond B3, Piano, Rhodes, Wurli, and Synth.  What I love about Mike is that he comes up with musical parts instantly, and really makes the song come to life. He really knows how to musically shape the arc of a song and not overplay or get in the way of the vocals. On top of all of this, he’s super easy to work with. I can’t recommend him enough…he turns great songs into hits.

Spencer Cheyne
Producer / Mixer
The Station Recording Co.

Mike’s talent speaks for itself, he is and has always been a consummate professional on and off the stage. Truly one of the best in the business.

Johnny Reid

A good friend of mine, Russell Broom first told me about how incredible Mike Little was and when I finally got the opportunity to work with him, everything he said rang true and more.  Mike has a way of interpreting music in such an original and inspiring way.  He knows exactly what to play when, to create moments, and really help a song speak for itself.  There are not many musicians who are so naturally instinctive, but Mike’s talent is on it’s own level.  I always look forward to playing music and collaborating with Mike.

Lindsay Ell

Not only is Mike a great player, but he has the killer Hammond B3 sound down. I’ve worked with a lot of organ players in my day, especially in the early R’n’B years (yes, the 60’s) and Mike is the real deal. No midi, just magic. Dynamic, soulful, and tasty – soloing or comping.

And, he plays a mean ELECTRIC accordion as well!

Paul Dean / Loverboy

Mike Little is my go to guy for keyboard sessions.  Whether it be Hammond B3, piano or accordion Mikes natural abilities and taste are always on the mark.
In my capacity as an artist and a producer I can’t think of anyone else who can cover the wide range of musical styles with the professional aplomb of this great musician.

Greg Godovitz

“I love Mike’s Hammond playing.  It’s hard to decide whether to brag about him or keep him a secret.”

Paul Shatto / Producer

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