Here are some radio singles that Mike has played on.

Grapes Of Wrath

  • Good To See You

George Canyon

  • Ring Of Fire
  • Rhinestone Cowboy
  • Pancho and Lefty
  • Just Like You
  • All Or Nothing
  • Pretty Drunk Out Tonight
  • I Believe in Angels
  • Let It Out
  • Better Be Home Soon
  • Sunshine
  • Perfect Christmas Day
  • Surrender
  • Saddle Up
  • Slow Dance
  • Home For Christmas
  • Crazy Love
  • I Got This
  • Daughters Of The Sun
  • More You
  • Better Off In Love
  • Bring It On

Jetty Road

  • Wrong (#2 In Australia)
  • Serves You Right (#1 in Australia)
  • Sweet Goodbye (#1 in Australia)
  • What We Did Last Night (#1 in Australia)

Julian Austin

  • Margaritaville
  • Let’s Get Out Together

Lindsay Ell

  • Trippin On Us
  • Pick Up Truck

Ryan Laird

  • Love’s Long Gone

The Roadhammers

  • Mud

The Washboard Union

  • Head Over Heels

Chad Brownlee

  • Fallin’ Over You
  • Just Because
  • When The Lights Go Down

Karac Hendriks

  • Thinking About You
  • Blame It On My Youth
  • Unbroken
  • This Road Is Mine
  • Some Peoples Kids

Mark Times

  • Staring Down The Barrel

Chris Henderson

  • Kissing Sadie

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

  • I Wanna Make It With You
  • Care For You


  • Crazy
  • Real
  • Don’t Say You Love Me
  • What Are You Waiting For

Leaving Thomas

  • Waiting Kind Of Girl
  • Best Adventure
  • Blame It On The Neon

The Dungarees

  • I’m Down


  • We Just Did

Dave Hartney

  • Party Lights

Shantelle Davidson

  • Bad Habit
  • Faster Now

Jamie Woodfin

  • Letting Me Go
  • We Go Together
  • Moonlight Left

Craig Moritz and Curtis Grambo

  • Got Mexico

Curtis Grambo

  • Hurt All Over
  • Little White Dress

The Orchard

  • She Don’t Play Fair
  • Angel Eyes

Alex Runions

  • A Little Bit Of Sunshine
  • Passenger Seat

Twin Kennedy

  • It’s A Love Thing


  • Tangled Up

Candice Ryan

  • California Sunrise

Dani Lynn

  • Are you Thinkin
  • Not A Game

Drew Gregory

  • Truck Beer Girl
  • The Way I was Raised
  • Should Have Seen That One Coming

Twoshine County

  • Make It With You
  • Whole Lotta Love
  • Love On Fire

Brad Saunders

  • Hey Country Girl
  • Here With Me
  • Cut To The Chase

Lyndsay Butler

  • Gravel Road
  • I’ll Drive The Truck

Amber Bauer

  • Buy Your Tears
  • Shut Up And Dance

Boom Chucka Boys

  • Turn This Car Around
  • Rebel Wings

Connor James

  • #Awesome

Shae Dupuy

  • Grandpas Truck
  • Breakdown

Jordan McIntosh

  • Story Of My Life (featuring George Canyon)

Dylan Gillett

  • Hold That Thought

Jesse Mast

  • Bad Blood

Jason Hastie and The Alibi

  • White Dress

Cities Under Fire

  • Hope

Amber Haydey

  • You

Dan Arnold

  • God Bless Country Girls
  • The Hard Way

Rod Black

  • Go Big Or Go Home
  • Miles To Go

Swift Oliver

  • Fly

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